Which hair types can be straightened?
All hair types can be straightened as long as it is not severly damaged.

Will my hair be straight forever?
Yes, the hair that has been treated with the Japanese Straightening will be permanently straight. The new hair re-growth will be in its natural texture so touch ups will be necessary if you would like the re-growth to be straight. 

Will the Japanese Straightening damage my hair?
In most cases it will actually improve the hair texture by reconditioning it from the inside out resulting in shiny and smooth texture.

Can I straighten my colored hair?
Yes. However, we do not recommend the Japanese Straightening for severely damaged or unevenly colored hair. Please come in for a consultation.

How long does the Japanese Straightening process take?
Straightening takes about 3 to 4 hours depending on the length and amount of hair. 

After I do the Japanese Straightening, how often do I have to return for touch ups?
On average, most clients come back after 6 months. The length of time varies by hair type, speed of hair re-growth, and ability to work with the new re-growth.

How soon can I color my hair after the Japanese Straightening?
You can safely color 2 weeks after the process. Please note that you must also wait 2 weeks after your last color to do the Japanese Straightening. Please call or come in for a consultation if you are unsure.

What is the difference between the Japanese Straightening and the Brazilian Treatment (aka Keratin Treatments)?
Hair that is treated with the Japanese Straightening will be permanently straight. The Brazilian Hair Treatment or other Keratin Treatments are not permanent and usually lasts only up to two to three months. The formula in the Brazilian or Keratin Treatments is known to contain unsafe volume of formaldehyde, a known carcinogen which is hazardous to the health of not only the client, but to the stylist as well. Also, it is known that many manufacturers use chemicals similar to formaldehyde or its derivatives to trick customers into believing that the product is formaldehyde-free. True formaldehyde-free products will contain eitheir a type of perm chemical or it just simply won't work.


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